REV Major 2022 Interview with Gariath Concepts CEO

(In Photo: Richard Brojan, Gariath Concepts CEO)

REV Major 2022 was a blast and it marked the return of their offline event after last year's online only event, REV Major Lockdown. While Day 1 had an unwelcome technical issue because of an electrical spark on one of its stage lights (it was fixed in a short while, thankfully), overall, it was a solid experience.

Meanwhile, we sat down with the CEO of Gariath Concepts, Richard Brojan to talk about Gariath Concepts being open to organize an event not limited to fighting games, but other niches in general, namely rhythm games, retro games, puzzles, sim racing, and everything in between. Richard said that Gariath has the initiative to accommodate it in the future and would like to see those niches flourish.

While REV Major 2022 had a community space catered to retro games and rhythm games, Richard would like to see more of the same as Gariath Concepts is open for those niches and will support the development along with community and the players.