TECHxTECH Pilot Episode is now Out! (Big Time!)

TECHxTECH (pronounced Tech by Tech), a Podcast Show Project by the former Tech Live Show called BIG TIME SHOW Host, Alex Rivera of Tech Inspected, and EXOSIA Project Founder who's also been into the show NicDroid has released their Pilot Episode on the Official YouTube Channel!

TECHxTECH Project was announced on EXOSIA Project's 1st Annual MAXIMITAS AWARDS in time of Alex Rivera of Tech Inspected's entry to the EXOSIA Project Roster.

TECHxTECH Show aims to be a Tech-related Podcast about updates and controversies around the world of Tech including but limited to, Consumer Tech, Gaming Tech, Mobile Tech, and even Mobility Tech.

You can subscribe to their YouTube Channel and Facebook Page for the latest episodes and clips from those particular episodes!