Tensai Invokation, a Genshin Impact TCG tournament by Ranida Esports Network

(Image: Tensai Invokation - A Genshin Impact TCG Tournament by Ranida Esports Network)

After a successful launch of Ranida Esports Network, followed by the success of their first tournament, Ranida Esports Network is now going to host their second tournament, targeting a much more niche community of Genshin Impact with a Genshin Impact TCG Tournament; open-to-all players.

Why Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact is one of the biggest games in the Philippines at the moment, following Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Call of Duty: Mobile, and the likes. However, as Genshin Impact, by the nature of said game, is not an esports-centered game, there is not a lot of communities hosting tournaments for said game; in fact, there has not a single entity that hosted a Genshin Impact TCG tournament yet, which is why Ranida Esports Network is targeting to be the first entity to host one. 

The Targets

As Ranida Esports Network is a brand-new event organizing team, we want to make our objectives 
reachable and attainable. That said, here are our targets for this event:

  • Number of Players: 16
  • Tournament Date: February 18, 2023
  • Start Time: 1:00PM Philippine Standard Time 
  • Stream Start Time: ETA 6:00PM Philippine Standard Time
*Should there be enough demand, we will be increasing the cap from the number of teams to 64. 

Tournament Information

Normally, esports events are played in Single or Double Elimination, however the standard for Trading Card Game tournaments is Swiss Rounds, which is why we are going to be following the following format:

  • Tournament Format: 
    • Swiss Rounds - Pools
    • Single Eliminations - Top Cut
  • Match Count: 
    • Swiss Rounds - Best of One
    • Top Cut - Best of Three
  • Round Count:
    • 5 – if 32 >= players
    • 6 – if 64 >= players
Broadcast Information For us to get maximum engagement for the tournament, we are likewise going to be broadcasting this event on our Facebook page, the social media in which most Filipinos use. In addition to this, VODs / Replays of each match will be uploaded on our YouTube Channel.

Here is the list of matches that will be broadcasted:

  • Top 8 - 1 Match 
  • Top 4 - 2 Matches 
  • Battle for Third - 1 Match 
  • Grand Finals 1 - Match
*All games are played in Best of One matches, except for the Grand Finals, which is played in Best of Three matches

Furthermore, with these in mind, we have amazing casters in our arsenal for this event:

JJ-kun - A multi-genre Esports Commentator, primarily casting Pokémon games. Having appeared in the official Pokémon UNITE Championship Series, and selected as one of the World Championships Casters, they will be bringing the hype to the tournament. 

Jaeger - Caster for a number of First-Person Shooter titles, including Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, and Valorant. They have appeared in tournaments including FSL Valorant Champions Tour Game Changers, Valorant Off-Season, and World Electronic Sports Games 2019.

(Image: Casters for Tensai Invokation)

What's in it for the players?

Ranida Esports Network realize that Trading Card Games, in general, targets a very specific niche within an already-niche community, that’s why Ranida Esports Network would want to give the best possible broadcast to the viewers, giving entertainment and freebies such as Blessing of the Welkin Moon and Genesis Crystals during the broadcast, so make sure you are tuned in on the day of the event!

  • Genesis Crystals: 10
  • Belssing of the Welkin Moon: 5

About the Partners 
Ranida Esports Network was able to partner up with several entities to make this event possible. Such as Razer Gold, providing for the prize pool, Exosia Project and G3 for maximum coverage of the event, and Android Gamers Philippines for maximum reach of playerbase in the Philippines.
About Ranida Esports Network 
Ranida Esports Network is an Esports Event Solution company, subsidiary of Ranida Games, aiming to become one of Southeast Asia’s premiere gaming events and creative digital media solutions provider providing entertainment, engagement, and value to the whole creative and gaming ecosystem.