Dive into the VTuber rabbit hole with ONLive Con!

Connect with VTubers in this VTuber centric event!

(Image: ONLive - A VTuber Convention happening this April 22)

pygmalia, the events organization that brought us AICon (Anime Idol Convention) and Primo Stella, brings you, ONLive - A VTuber Convention!

Prepare to dive into the rabbit hole in this one-day only event centered around VTubers with fun activities, star-studded performances, art exhibitions, fan interactions, and more!

(Image: Event Guests coming at ONLive)

Featuring performances from familiar faces in the VTuber scene such as KiraKiraKat, Akira Kiisui "Kiichan", Azashi and Ren Shouta from 8THiR3AL Projekt, Nyaruchuu from Shirayuri Pro, Virgil and Elaine from KoMETA, Pan the Bread, Maddie, and Dasu.

An artists panel from featuring renowed artists and illustrators will also be on standby and a themed cafe called Kemono Cafe PH will also make its debut at ONLive Con for a one of a kind treat for attendees.

All these event features are surely not to be missed this weekend at ONLive Con happening this April 22 at Upper Box, Promenade Mall, Greenhills, San Juan, Manila! Ticket pre-orders may have ended but tickets will be on sale on site!

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EXOSIA Project is one of the official media partners of ONLive Con.