IDOLY PRIDE is now up for pre-registration!

(Image: Idoly Pride)

Idoly Pride, a multimedia franchise by Qualiarts Inc., has its Global Version now currently up for pre-registration with the global publishing rights transferred from Boltrend Games to Neowiz, the game publisher and developer behind DJMax, Tapsonic, S4 League, and many others.

(Image: Idoly Pride - Create your own story with your idols)

Get to know the idol simulation game! 

Idoly Pride is a mobile game that puts you in the role of a producer for a group of aspiring idols. You'll be responsible for managing their schedules, developing their skills, and helping them achieve stardom. Along the way, you'll participate in live performances, compete against other idol groups, and unlock new outfits and accessories to customize your idols' appearance.Idoly Pride places a strong emphasis on storytelling, with a focus on character development and relationships. The game features a rich and immersive narrative that unfolds as players progress through the game.

(Image: Idoly Pride - Rank up your idols)

Train your idols! Reach to the top!

Players take on the role of a producer and manage a team of idols. They are responsible for training the idols, selecting their outfits and accessories, and planning their performances. Players must balance the idols' individual strengths and weaknesses to create the best possible performances.

(Image: Idoly Pride - Counsel your idols)

Give your idols advice!

Interact with idols and give them advice! It is a producer's responsibility to take care of their idols by giving them counseling varying from text messages to phone calls.

(Image: Idoly Pride - Perform your idols)

Perform your idols at the very best!

Idoly Pride features a rhythm game element, where players must tap the screen in time with the music to complete various challenges. The game offers multiple difficulty levels to cater to different skill levels and live performances where players can showcase their idols' talents. Players can create their own unique performances by selecting the songs, outfits, and accessories for each idol.

(Image: Idoly Pride - Take a photo with your idols)

For now, you can only pre-register on Google Play so Android users get to pre-register early. Apple App Store pre-registration will follow suit for iOS/iPadOS users.

You can pre-register on Google Play Store right on this link.

Idoly Pride's Official Website: