EXOSIA Project @ CONQuest 2023: What to expect?

The most-awaited mid-year convention is just around the corner with CONQuest 2023! The Angels of EXOSIA Project has been preparing awesome stuff from their end to both enjoy and give opportunities to meet, greet and hang out with your favorite angels.

CONQUEST ARCADE - Collaborating with Tito Steef and Retro Haven

EXOSIA Project's biggest endeavor at CONQuest 2023 will be in collaboration with Tito Steef to bring music rhythm games for you to try at CONQuest Arcade together with Freeplay and Retro Arcade you can also try!

We're also paying homage to the Philippines' premier BEMANI event called THE SPIRIT OF BEMANIFest where we'll be featuring games like DanceDanceRevolution, GuitarFreaks & DrumMania, and beatmania IIDX. We'll be having some activities like show matches and high-score challenges that would win you prizes special thanks to Retro Haven!

You can also meet and greet EXOSIA Project's greatest Music Rhythm Game Content Creators like Toshiyuki Doma and even get free beatmania IIDX coaching with EXOSIA Project's Founder and one of the Philippines' coveted beatmania IIDX SP Kaiden (皆伝) NicDroid / G*25.

CONQuest Arcade will be at SMX Floor 2 near osu!Philippines and Just Dance Booths!

XYRINE SCARLET MERCH, MEET & GREET - brought to you by Gank!

Our Premier EXOSIA Virtual Angel and Otaku Choice Awards 2023 Nominee Xyrine Scarlet will be having a Meet and Greet brought to you by our friends at Gank. Her Meet & Greet will be happening on Day 2 (June 3, 2023) at 1-2pm!

You can also visit her Gank page for more details on how to sign up for the Meet and Greet: https://ganknow.com/xyrinescarlet

You can also find our friends at Gank booth on SMX Floor 2 with their other featured creators!

JUST DANCE BOOTH - presented by UBISOFT and Just Dance Philippines!

Dance your body away as CONQuest 2023 will be also having a Just Dance Booth brought to you by Ubisoft and Just Dance Philippines!

You can also meet and greet EXOSIA Project's JD Philippines Top Creator, KOGChaos, and dance with him and with the community!

You can find the Just Dance Booth alongside CONQuest Arcade at SMX Floor 2!


CONQuest 2023's QuestMarket will be huge and in case you're looking for more talents, You can meet and greet Mayumi Shirai at will be selling prints of her amazing sets at Ebeel Bunxies / ARTRASH Booth (E2)! You can also check her Gank Page for reservations!

If Xyrine Scarlet Meet and Greet isn't enough for you and you want to take home a bunbun with you, you can visit our friends at PHVTuber Collective booth at QuestMarket (O2)!

You can also find some EXOSIA Project Talents and Media Group roaming around like SeiiYuumi, Manny Santiago PH, and Siglus at the convention! Make sure to say hi and even take photos with them when you see them!

You can also check out the map here: https://www.conquestph.com/map

See You at The Skies, Angels! Whatever your plan is for this year at CONQuest, hope you have fun!

Special thanks to our respective partners like Tito Steef, Retro Haven, Ubisoft Philippines, and Gank for providing opportunities to our Angels!