Dragon Nest 2: Evolution - The Grand Dragon Hunt & Dangerous Dungeons Beckon!

June 19, 2023, Metro Manila PH - Dragon Nest 2: Evolution, the upcoming mobile MMORPG from Level Infinite, currently open for pre-registration, gives more info about the amazing adventures that players will embark on launch - first of them involving dungeons and dragons!

Dungeon-Crawling Action

A vital component of Dragon Nest 2: Evolution is the thrill of delving into dangerous dungeons, with the team focused on innovation, challenge, and honoring the series’ legacy for the player experience.

Each dungeon is broken up into multiple stages, delivering fresh gameplay scenarios as players progress deeper into the depths. There are puzzles to solve, mazes to navigate out of, and NPCs to interact with, the potential is endless no matter what kind of lair lies in wait. Overcome all of that, and a powerful and fearsome boss awaits.

With their eyes on the prize, players are challenged to complete multiple dungeons, each transformed by different effects. After testing their metal and proving their worth, players are then welcomed to the lair of the final boss where more rewards await. With more Dragons arriving in subsequent updates, such progressive play will be something for players to get familiar with. 

The Grand Dragon Hunt

As part of the launch, Dragon Nest 2: Evolution will kick off The Grand Dragon Hunt world raiding event, with players representing their various regions and trying to bring down the daunting Sea Dragon. Promoting competitiveness between players, the Grand Dragon Hunt will come with leaderboards and incredible rewards to obtain truly it a hunt for the ages.

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