Metal Slug: Awakening - The classic & legendary arcade game returns to Philippine Market with upcoming soft-launch.

(Image: Metal Slug: Awakening - Coming Soon)

VNGGames officially announced today (June 15th) that it has obtained the publisher rights of the classic arcade video game "Metal Slug" - licensed by SNK and fully supervised and developed by TiMi Studio. The official name is Metal Slug: Awakening. 

VNGGames simultaneously launch the game in 8 regions: Taiwan, Hongkong and Macau, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. 
This classic Run n’ Gun, platformer game will surely bring back your childhood memories of the 80s and 90s with well-known heroic characters (Marco, Tarma, Fio, Eri, Hyakutaro Ichimonji), vehicles (Super-vehicle 001, camels, gatlings) and impressive weapons. The “goodie and oldie” days are back with ingenuity restoring classic elements and fusing them into an immersive gaming experience. After 27 years, Metal Slug still holds its legendary status among the first generation of gamers, evoking their childhood souls and beautiful memories. 

The iconic heroic characters with new appearance

(Image: Metal Slug's 4 Original Characters - Marco, Eri, Tarma, and Fio)

(Image: SV-001 Tankette))

The mobile version not only continues the classic game elements of the original "Metal Slug" but also undergoes a comprehensive upgrade in graphic quality from the pixel era to 3D graphics.

(Image: Metal Slug: Awakening Info)

While maintaining the signature side-scrollling mode, the mobile version also adds multiple brand-new features, including combat gameplay as well as introducing the "Hot Pursuit" mode for the first time! The "Hot Pursuit" mode is a roguelike element that enables users to obtain three enhancement abilities upon level completion - allowing users to choose their combat style and easily swing away from repetitive modes. 
To further enhance users' excitement, Metal Slug: Awakening also introduces - The Maze, an exclusive power-up challenge that helps users strengthen their damages by obtaining vehicle-strengthening
materials to equip for upcoming challenges! Get ready to take on the ultimate and fiery challenge!

(Image: Metal Slug: Awakening Info)

The dungeon in the game features highly detailed and surprising elements.

(Image: Metal Slug: Awakening Info)

PvP and PvE has many new updates 

VNGGames has officially launched its official social platform. Please stay tuned for the latest updates and soft-launch information, and of course, register yourself as one of the Commander as the number of participants is limited!
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