Filipino Tokkis gathered together to celebrate NewJeans' First Anniversary!

 This might just be the biggest Filipino NewJeans Fan Gathering yet!

Fan Gathering Wrap Up Photo Op // NewJeans Philippines

Manila, Philippines As NewJeans reached their first anniversary milestone along with the milestone of releasing their 2nd EP album, Get Up, NewJeans Philippines hosts a Fan Gathering event for Filipino Tokkis to celebrate NewJeans' newest achievements last July 22, 2023!

Of course, to celebrate one's milestones is not just to congratulate the achiever but for everyone to have an amazing time and that is what NewJeans Philippines made sure of.

"We have a lot of giveaways and freebies from our sponsors– and I think the most awaited one would have to be the Levi's NewJeans collaboration photobook" said Joey, one of the organizers. Likewise, Leigh, the event lead, had this to say "Expect fun and enjoyment with the fans. We also prepared Random Play Dances and prizes for Tokkis and attendees. In addition to that, all attendees received a random NewJeans merchandise."

The event was held in Kape Light Recto which is a venue that is not unfamiliar with events like this, ensuring that every attendee will be able to do their activities in a very spacious place. "We chose Kape Light Recto because they are easy to [have a] deal with especially for K-Pop events– they're quite used to hosting these kinds of events, so our negotiations were very seemless" said Claudine, one of the organizers.

Prizes and Giveaways // NewJeans Philippines

We did not attend this just to talk with the organizers– no, we had to get the opinion of the attendees of this event as well. We were able to talk with Mash, MJ, Kenneth, Queen, Ron, Paul, and Julien, all of whom are NewJeans fans.

When we asked them why they attended the event, they said "We're here to celebrate the first year anniversary of NewJeans and that we really love NewJeans."

While Tokkis all came to the event with the celebration of NewJeans in mind, of course they had different opinions as to what they are looking for in an event like this. "I want to see Filipino tokkis gather from different places, to see everyone have fun and interact with one another because of NewJeans" said Mash, MJ, and Kenneth.

And just like any event, there would definitely be one part that these attendees would like the most among the rest. For first timers like Queen and Ron, they said "OMG! It's so fun and even though we were more of an observer during the event, not participating in the games, it was nice to see our fellow Tokkis enjoy and have fun in this gathering where we all share a common interest." In the case of siblings Paul and Julien, they had a different idea in mind. For Paul, it will be the Random Play Dance segment because "my sister won a NewJeans 1st EP Bluebook Album because she won in the activity" and for Julien, it's the same because they "really like to dance".

Julien's Random Play Dance shot with NewJeans Philippines Admins // NewJeans Philippines

On one hand, NewJeans Philippines was able to successfully host an event, on the other hand, we do know that this is not going to be the last one and definitely bigger plans are in place. "To the Tokkis who weren't able to go, it's fine! We have a lot more events that you guys can go to hopefully– our goal is to make events as inclusive as possible" said Joey. "We in NewJeans Philippines will our best to make more events for the fans who are farther away. As for our next events, just stay tuned on our Facebook Page."

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