Filipino Tokkis! A NewJeans Fan Gathering is about to happen!

This is just the event for you to celebrate with your fellow NewJeans stans!

Manila, Philippines After a successful Cupsleeve Event celebrating Kim Minji (김민지) and Kang Haerin(강해린)'s birthdays in Momo, NewJeans Philippines, the premiere Filipino Tokki community fanbase for NewJeans, is going to host another Cupsleeve Event celebrating NewJeans' first anniversary and Get Up 2nd EP album release! In affiliation with several member-specific fanbases this time around making it the biggest Cupsleeve Event in the Philippines for NewJeans yet!

What’s in it for the attendees?

In addition to the venue door fee of PHP250, for a small price of PHP180 (Regular pre-registration) and PHP 280 (Premium pre-registration), a Tokki may enjoy several activities that has been prepared by NewJeans Philippines, but even more so enjoy the fan kits that the attendees will receive such as Button Pins (first 50 pre-registrants only), Hand Banners, Photocards, Polaroids, Cupsleeves, Photobook Raffle and more! In addition, member-specific fanbases will be giving out their own set of freebies!

To pre-register for the event, you may follow this link.


Fan kit Inclusions

NewJeans Philippines

Cupsleeves, Hand Banners, Button Pins*, Photocards, Polaroid, Photostrip, Raffle Stub

Hanni Philippines

Banner, Photocard

Kim Minji Philippines

Banner, Photocard, Photostrip

Kang Haerin Philippines


Lee Hyein Philippines

Banner, Photocard, Stickers

Danielle Marsh Philippines


Different fanbases have different mechanics to claim their Fan Kits*

About NewJeans

NewJeans is a South Korean girl group formed by ADOR, composed of 5 members: Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein. Currently called the "monster rookies", NewJeans have achieved several awards and nominations since their debut in 2022, such as Performance of the Year, Best New Artist, Best K-pop Song and Album, and several others.

About the Event Partners

NewJeans Philippines was able to partner up with several entities to make this event possible. Such as Hanni Philippines, Kim Minji Philippines, Lee Hyein Philippines, Kang Haerin Philippines, and Danielle Marsh Philippines, providing freebies for the attendees, and Kape Light to be the venue partner for the event!

NewJeans Philippines' 2nd EP Comeback Fan Gathering Let's Get Up is happening this Saturday, July 22, 2023, at Kape Light Recto, Sampaloc, Manila. For more information, you may follow these links: