WIZMAX launched at PGDX 2023 marking their debut in the Philippine Market!


WIZMAX has entered the Philippine Market with its line of PC Peripherals from Keyboards, Headsets, Cooling System, Cases, and more! They made a debut at the last Philippine GameDev Expo 2023 and they're preparing more avenues for the gaming and esports community on bringing more amazing products.

South Korean-based WIZMAX recently launched in the Philippines during the Philippine GameDev Expo 2023 with various products at key price points including durable and reliable PC cases, cooling fans, power supplies, keyboards, mice, and headsets that not only looks great but also follows top-of-the-line technology and cutting-edge designs. The brand and product were launched last August 18-20 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay!

These PC peripherals are designed with comfort and durability like no other and caters to anybody from professional gamers, a content creator, or just someone who loves their PC, WIZMAX has something for everyone.

WIZMAX together with its parent company, Hanmi Micronics, has been in the forefront of developing gamer-friendly devices even signing an agreement with Korea e-Sports Association for "Certified Esports Goods" showing confidence in their products. The agreement was held with Micronics' gaming gear business division president Choi Beom-seok  and Korea Esports Association secretary general Kim Cheol-hak

WIZMAX was established in 1999, continues to hold and support various competitions. Certified e-sports equipment is a product certified by the association as suitable for stable e-sports competition operation and promotion of performance improvement. Products designated as certified goods will be marked with the 'Certified e-Sports Goods' mark and will be used as official goods for e-sports events and competitions organized by the association and sponsored by the association. Micronics gaming gear designated as an authorized e-sports product is a keyboard, mouse, and headset. Micronics Gaming Gear is advancing to the global market based on its own design and development capabilities. In addition to gaming gear based on original concepts such as 'WARP', 'MORPH' and 'MECHA', it is providing a differentiated gaming experience with the global brand 'WIZMAX'.

Kang Hyeon-min, CEO of Hanmi Micronics believes that their mission is to "create peripherals that not only complement the power of technology but elevate it." He also believes in that perfect marriage of form and function which he is confident consumers and gamers can see with their devices.

He adds: "With an unyielding commitment to quality and relentless pursuit of excellence, we are proud to present a new era of computer peripherals that will inspire creativity, enhance productivity, and redefine the way we engage with our digital surroundings."

"WIZMAX has always stood out in the Korean market, setting a standard of excellence. But when I learned about their design collaboration with the Philippines, it added depth to my admiration," Alfonso Martinez, AM4x4 WIZMAX sole distributor in the Philippines recently stated. He adds "Talented Filipinos playing a role in their award-winning designs? That's innovation. Bringing their products to our market wasn't just an opportunity; it felt like destiny."

We also did a quick booth tour at our Facebook Page during the PGDX 2023 Coverage! But you'll see more content and collaborations with WIZMAX in the future!