AIDreamin's "FIRST" to be "RELEASED" soon!

AIDreamin is an Indie Anime Idol Group of 6 performers with different charms; Ritsu as the cool "Feisty Leader", Chess as the "Over the Top Ojou-sama", Sayaka as the energetic "Sunshine Baby", Seira as the shy "Sweets Enthusiast", Asuka as the "Tsundere" of the group, and Ringo as the "Cutesy Model".

They have recently stormed the stages of cosplay conventions and events with their back to back performances! Starting with this year's Cosplay Carnival, followed by Pre-Toycon, Main Toycon, Pre-Tanabata Special, Fusion: Toku x Anime, Collecticon 2023, Manila TokuSpirits Convention, and their latest performance at Geekpop Super Turbo.

Performing some of the most iconic songs from the jpop and otaku community; Kawaiikute, Happy Synthesizer, Idol, Sign wa B, Silhouette, and many more - Their dedication to their craft and passion for connecting with fans is evident in every performance they deliver. 

But they're not stopping there! It has been recently announced that AIDreamin will once again grace the stage with their presence at Cosplay Mania Mini Jam Concert this October 01, 2023. As one of the biggest stages in the Philippine cosplay community, AIDreamin of course would not pass up this opportunity to do something special! 


AIDreamin will release their 1st original song, "REACH THE STARS" this coming Cosplay Mania, and their fans surely won't want to miss out this experience! The upcoming song release is a milestone for AIDreamin, as it showcases their passion as performers. From their energetic dance routines to their heartfelt lyrics, AIDreamin will prove that they have what it takes to make it big!

Join them as they take the journey to REACH THE STARS!

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Seiyuus & Characters:

Group Accounts: 
Youtube: @aidreamin4413
Tiktok: @AIDreamin
BigoLive ID: @AIDreamin