Celebrating Idols in Idol Matsuri 2023!

 A start in the Idol community in the Philippines.

Idol Matsuri 2023 Wrap-up Photo

Manila, Philippines The Idol Community in the Philippines is but a small, niche community and while there are several underground idols and idol groups along with officiated, major idol groups in the Philippines, there aren't a lot of events that celebrate the Idol Community in the country— that is until Fundom Productions announced Idol Matsuri 2023!

It was a very intimate event that was held in SM Megamall Megatrade Hall 3 just to celebrate the Idol community and dare we say it was an awesome one. The event had a lot in store for those who attended— the best part? The entrance fee is by far the cheapest compared to any conventions that are hosted nowadays being only PHP150.00... except of course for the free entrance events, haha!

Anime Figure Display

While the event's main attraction is the invited idols that performed, it was advertised as well to include gaming, toy auction, anime merch, talent contest, and just an overall gathering for the geeks, to which it did not disappoint. There were several concessionaires at the event that sold toys of various kinds (like Gunplas), Trading Card Games, and Tabletop Games, too!

Of course, we cannot forget the main attractions— the idols!

AiDreamin performing on stage

Several idols and idol groups were invited to the event such as Ni Ko La「ニコラ」's Nirvanaa, AiDreamin, YumeShou「ユメショウ」's Rai and Yomi, Ziamelle, Cess, Lili Ash, and DayNightExplorer's Ashley Cloud all of which performed magnificently. They were all complimented by their amazing setlist for the event. 

Ni Ko La「ニコラ」's Nirvanaa performing Massara Blue Jeans // LikeYou Photos

However, what stood out the most for us was Ni Ko La「ニコラ」's Nirvanaa performing Massara Blue Jeans (C-ute 2012 Shinsei Naru ver.). As a complete group, Ni Ko La「ニコラ」performed this piece in JAPANIGHT+, OtaCute Event DAO and EXOSIA Project's AniKura Night Club event, but for the following week when Idol Matsuri 2023 was held, Nirvanna performed the same piece as a solo member of their group. They also mentioned how much this piece means so much to the group— talk about dedication!  

EXOSIA's Abstinence interviewing Lili Ash

While the event is an intimate one, we can definitely say that this is just the beginning of the rise of the Idol Community to the mainstream in the Philippines as the organizers, Fundom Productions, mentioned at the very end of the event's program that there's going to be another one next year.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Fundom Productions for having us be one of their media partners for this event. 

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Update (11/20): Fact-checked for the introduction