Dexcon: WrestleStorm – Electrifying Pro Wrestling Comes This March 2024

MANILA, Philippines 22 February 2024 - Get ready to be at the epicenter of global wrestling excitement! Dexcon: WrestleStorm, an electrifying pro wrestling weekend, will happen on March 23 at UNBOX Greenhills and March 24 at Brawl Pit Bulusan, Quezon City. The meet and greet will be on Day 1 while the main wrestling action comes to you on Day 2.

Big Time Tag Team Action

Dexcon: WrestleStorm will feature two big tag team matches. Chris Brookes and Masahiro Takanashi, the duo known as the Calamari Drunken Kings (CDK), will fight "Mr. Philippine Wrestling" Jake De Leon and "Godkiller" Dabid Ravena of Oro Plata Mata. We also have Saint John Martin and Ken Cifer, collectively known as ‘Turn Zero Kill’, defending their World Underground Wrestling Tag Team Titles against the duo of Main Maxx and R O M E O, also known as the “Gemini Kings”.

CDK vs. Oro Plata Mata – History-Making Match

Masahiro Takanashi and Chris Brookes are part of DDT Pro Wrestling (DDT) and are currently the SETUP Thailand Tag Team Champions. In the past they have held belts such as Gatoh Move’s Asia Dream Tag Team Championship and DDT’s KO-D Tag Team Championship. CDK has dominated other countries in the past such as Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia. This trip to the Philippines will be interesting as they are looking to make a big mark at WrestleStorm.

Jake De Leon (JDL) is arguably the top Philippine Pro Wrestler at the moment. The man known as “Mr. Philippine Wrestling” is the reigning and defending Manila Wrestling Federation Pinoy Wrestling Champion. He is no stranger to facing the best of Asia and has wrestled in countries such as Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Singapore. JDL was also part of the WWE try-outs in China back in 2019. Dabid Ravena is one of the top names from World Underground Wrestling Philippines since day one. As part of Oro Plata Mata, he is not one to be shy of opening new doors and reach new heights in Pro Wrestling.

TZK vs The Gemini Kings – Return of the Comeback

Saint John Martin (SJM) and Ken Cifer form the deadliest tag team the country has ever seen in Turn Zero Kill (TZK). They won the prestigious World Underground Wrestling Tag Titles last December from Umezawa & Zera at MWF’s December show, Noche Buena. They will defend their newly minted belts against a familiar duo in the Philippine Pro Wrestling Scene in Main Maxx and R O M E O. The Gemini Kings, now “MSG-free”, was one of the feared tag teams in the scene years ago. After four years, they are back as a unit to be the first contenders for the WUW Tag Team Titles. Will TZK retain or will we see newly crowned tag team kings? Find out this March!

Catch These Top Local Wrestlers and More

Dexcon: WrestleStorm will feature other famous local talent from the Philippines. The First ever MWF Pinoy Champion, Robin Sane, is ready to dazzle you with some daredevil moves. Razael, a fan-favorite of both WUW PH and MWF fans, will also be there to put on a show. Former WUW Tag Champ Zera, The Machine, and The Pinoy Bulldog are also going to be in action. Be alert for future announcements as there will be a few more surprise guests for Dexcon: WrestleStorm.

Dexcon: WrestleStorm - More Than Just a Wrestling Show

Dexcon: Wrestlestorm is not just a one-day wrestling show. It’s a two-day event featuring a Meet and Greet and a ‘WrestleBazaar’ at UNBOX Greenhills on March 23rd. Meet and Greet CDK, Oro Plata Mata, and many more at UNBOX. Afterwards, buy some Pro Wrestling Merch such as toys, cards, and more at our WrestleBazaar.

Dexcon: WrestleStorm promises to be an unforgettable weekend of high-octane action. The event hopes to bring together the best of local and international pro wrestling. Fans can expect an amazing pro wrestling experience.

Tickets for Dexcon: WrestleStorm are now on available for purchase through the official website. Don't miss the chance to be part of this historic night of wrestling entertainment! 

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