Granblue Fantasy: Relink Ver. 1.2.1 is here!

Alongside New Sigils and Quests, the First Batch of New Skyfarers - Seofon and Tweyen -
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April 26, 2024 - SEGA (Headquarters: Shinagawa, Tokyo; President and COO, Representative Director: Shuji Utsumi) is pleased to announce that Granblue Fantasy: Relink's free Ver. 1.2.1 update will be releasing on April 26.

Two members of the Eternals, Seofon and Tweyen, will be added to the game. This sizable update also introduces challenging new quests and a host of other new features!

*Cygames will be listed as the publisher of the Steam version.

Two New Playable Characters and Brand-new Quests!

Seofon, the Star Sword Sovereign, and the bow master Tweyen are now available as playable characters. As two members of the Eternals, a legendary crew of the strongest fighters in the world, you must gather their respective Revenant Weapons to unlock them—just like how you'd unlock them in the original game!

*Seofon and Tweyen can be obtained by fulfilling certain conditions within the game or by picking up the Character Expansion Set DLC.

This update also introduces two new quests: "Gulp... So These Are the Rumored Monsters" and "Lock Horns," which allow you to obtain the treasure needed to unlock Seofon and Tweyen.

Additionally, other paid DLC content, including a new emote set and item packs containing weapons and sigils to strengthen your crew are now available. Check the link below for details.

Additional Content(PlayStation™ Store)
  • Character Expansion Set: Seofon
  • Character Expansion Set: TweyenColor Pack 4
  • “I Work Out” Emote Expansion Set (Push-ups, sit-ups, and squats)
  • Self-Improvement Pack 2
  • Weapon Uncap Pack 2
  • Weapon Upgrade Pack 2
  • Sigil Upgrade Pack 2
(Pricing may vary depending on region—please check the PlayStation™ Store for prices)

The update brings new sigils, improvements to the sigil strengthening process, and character
balancing adjustments. For more information, read the update notes for Ver. 1.2.1!

Granblue Fantasy Relink Ver1.2.1 Patch Note

Granblue Showcase: Relink Part 3 is Available for Streaming Now!

An archived video of Granblue Showcase: Relink Part 3 is now available.
Tune in to see details about this month's Ver. 1.2.1 update and the upcoming Ver. 1.3.0 update,
which will include the new playable character Sandalphon, screen customization options, Photo
Mode, and even more features.
*English subtitles are available.

Granblue Showcase: Relink Part 3

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