Ragnarok Landverse, the WEB3 MMORPG based on the hit IP, “Ragnarok Online” has marked a significant milestone with its half-year anniversary celebration over the weekend with a surprise reveal from its new update.

The event was held in San Juan, Philippines on March 23, 2024, titled “We Party as One” is a commemoration of six months of growth, excitement, and shared experiences from the growing community. The exclusive community gathering saw an impressive turnout of 100 attendees including influencers like Aningning and Leny MIng, all of whom were pleasantly surprised with what greeted them at the event. From large, fanciful banner stands to realistic signages, the event's decorum made one feel at home and immersed in the vibrant world of Ragnarok Landverse.

Introducing your new NPC Companion: Kafra Nova!

Not only did the attendees feel welcomed - The mere fact that they all got pumped as they were about to be the first ones to know upcoming content in the Landverse!

Ragnarok Landverse developer Maxion has announced that a new NPC (non-playable character), Kafra Nova, will debut in Ragnarok Landverse soon! Kafra Nova will be situated in major towns, providing citizens with numerous services like inventory stage and teleportation. From her sparkling eyes and beautiful purple hair to her lively demeanor, Kafra Nova exudes beauty and bubbly charm in every interaction, livening up the atmosphere and giving Ragnarok Landverse a futuristic theme.

Maxion has also hinted at the highly anticipated release of expanded classes and upcoming episode 4.0 ‘Terra Nova’, which will bring along yet another exciting array of new gameplay options for citizens to explore. But they didn’t stop there, as major revamps will be also coming for the PVP system as the WOE (War of Emperium) Enchantment system is set into place alongside brand-new maps tailored specifically for WOE battles! With its wealthy content and surprises incoming, it has never been a better time to join other citizens in exploring Ragnarok Landverse.

Loot Boxes, but making it Cuter, and Better!

“Loot Boxes” is a term that already rings a familiar bell for the seasoned Ragnarok Landverse players. Loot Boxes are a feature unique to Ragnarok Landverse that offers a thrilling chance at the diverse array of rewards each time they’re opened. This was reflected in a special activity “Poring Hunt” of the half-anniversary event, where attendees could pry open porings hidden around the event venue. These porings not only look cuter than your average loot box, but they also give players a chance to be rewarded with a unique set of diverse rewards upon opening them! Giving a whole new meaning when citizens went on a Poring Hunt (which is now literally!)

Crafting Dreams, Bonding Gleams

And the fun just doesn’t stop from there! From the captivating clay-making station where digital dreams took tangible form, to the personalized pins reflecting each player’s unique journey, the atmosphere buzzed with shared excitement and passion. There’s no universal language as powerful as food, but this was even true at Ragnarok Landverse’s half-year anniversary event, as the themed menu delighted taste buds and fueled conversations within the community. Also with the photo booth around, it captured laughter-filled, unforgettable memories within the community, transforming moments into timeless treasures.

The half-year anniversary community gathering became an absolute blast, but bigger events and content updates are already in the works! Thank you to everyone who joined us, and we can’t see you on our next adventure!

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