The super popular comic and novel 「Ninja Slayer」is now getting its own game! KADOKAWA Game Linkage and ABC animation are proud to present our first Indie Game title to the world!

KADOKAWA Game Linkage, Inc. is pleased to announce that it will be adapting the popular novel and comic Ninja Slayer into a game (on Steam). Information about the game is currently available on the Steam page and the game's official X page. So, what exactly is this Indie Game Project that KADOKAWA Game Linkage and ABC animation have been working on?

This project is a collaboration between ABC Animation, which has been creating animation IP and KADOKAWA Game Linkage, which has long been involved in games as a game media company, with Famitsu and Dengeki Game under its belt. This is a joint initiative to produce a high-quality indie game.

Even in the gaming world, Indie games are unique because they allow the creator's thoughts and ideas to shine through in a straightforward manner. This project aims to use Indie Games to popularize the titles that these games are based on, in not only Japan but the rest of the world as well.

The first title in the project will be a game adaptation of Ninja Slayer, a popular KADOKAWA Inc. title that has been developed into a wide range of novels, comics, and other series.

Comment from the creators of Ninja Slayer, Bradley Bond and Philip Ninj@ Morzez

The Ninja Slayer franchise itself is also heavily influenced by several classic videogames. The "Neosaitama Flames" version is particularly nuanced, so it should be agood fit for a side- crolling action game. I’ve heard that there will be a series ofbattles with Laomoto Khan and I am extremely excited about that.I'm looking forward to a game which will have the matmosphere of karate and ninja! (Mr. Bond)
It's a great honor to hear that an enthusiastic indie studio is going to make this game. From the screen shots, I'm glad to see that they've managed to mix the unique atmosphere of Neosaitama Cyberpunk with modern cyber colors and cool effects. This will probably also be the first time that the Ninjas from the Muji comic mbook version will be coming to life! I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of Ninjas we'll get to see. Can't wait to play it!” (Mr. Morzez)

 About the game『Neosaitama in Flames』

A Japanese translation of the series began serialization on X (formerly Twitter) in 2010, and the series has now sold more than 4.44 million copies in novels, comics, and other forms. The Ninja Slayer series, which has a passionate fan following in Japan and abroad, has been transformed into a "cyberpunk high speed ninja action game", where the action unfolds in all directions with the same sense of speed as the original story!

This title is being developed as an indie game by a development team who are diehard fans of the original Ninja Slayer. "Neosaitama in Flames", which is the first part of the story, will be the stage for this game. It is an action game in which the Ninja Slayer faces numerous powerful enemies in life-and-death battles.

High-speed battles between ninjas to become even more exhilarating!

The game adaptation makes the speed and intensity of the original even better! Players can make use of the Ninja Dash and Hisatsu-Waza to strike with uninterrupted, raging attacks!

Battles with avenging boss ninjas of course begin with the greeting 'Domo'!

The original work itself is random in nature, with the second part of the episode suddenly starting in the middle of the first part. So, keeping with the theme, even in the game, it does not matter in what order you challenge the bosses that await you. However, what does await you after you have defeated all the bosses...!? Introducing two boss ninjas this time!

【Boss Ninja Introduction】Basilisk

A basilisk, dressed in ninja garb which is covered in scales. Basilisk attacks fiercely using an iron otome motorcycle which has a displacement of 1200 cc.

【Boss Ninja Introduction】Interrupter

A ninja belonging to the elite Six Gates of Soukaiya. A master of the assassination karate technique "Tatami Ken" and the absolute defensive stance "Karadachi", he has tremendous power, easily destroying concrete walls. However, he also has a serious Ohagi addiction.

Experience all the cyberpunk high speed ninja action!

With the familiar cry of the clone yakuza saying “Zakkenah-korah” and the flying onigawara zeppelins, the title’s unique worldview has not only been adapted faithfully in the game but made even more riveting. Players land in Neosaitama and with only one thought in mind: ...... "All ninjas must be killed." !!! This time an important evasive maneuver, "the bridge" will also be introduced!

Fans of the original also GOURANGA! Avoid enemy attacks by using the bridge!

The "bridge" is a maneuver to avoid enemy attacks and is said to have been perfected in ancient Roman karate. It specializes in not only evasion, but also makes it easier to flow into your next moves, such as a counterattack, and hence is a must for ninjas to master!

※Videos and images are currently under development.
※Please note that game content and other specifics are subject to change.

Grand opening of the Steam Page and the Official X Account !
Promotional Video also streaming now!

The first trailer is now available on the official Ninja Slayer Neosaitama in Flames X account! The Steam page is also live starting today, so go and add the game to your wishlist.