Moonlight Blade M Officially Starts Open Beta in Southeast Asia

 The wait is over! Global Phenomenon Oriental MMORPG Moonlight Blade M Officially Open Beta in Southeast Asia, 15 May 2024

The wait is now over! The globally acclaimed phenomenon MMORPG – MOONLIGHT BLADE M – officially opens its beta across Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines, starting on May 15, 2024 (Wednesday)! 

Based on the half-century-old oriental literature masterpiece - The Magic Blade written by the late Gu Long, one the greatest Asian martial art novel authors, MOONLIGHT BLADE M has stirred up a phenomenon-level craze since its release, not only in China and South Korea but also in numerous other markets. Apart from topping multiple download charts, the game, which showcases diverse elements of exquisite oriental culture, also expands its crossover into various industries including fashion, music, and tourism. Since then, the game has collaborated with multiple world-class singers, including Taeyeon, Dimash Qudaibergen and Michael Wong, further strengthening its popularity worldwide!

Adapted from Eastern most renowned martial arts novel by Gu Long, the storyline takes unexpected twists, featuring diverse task system with multiple endings, providing gamers with the top-tier immersive experience.

In a move set to captivate gaming enthusiasts across Southeast Asia, the globally renowned distributor VNGGames has appointed the regional million-follower acclaimed artist HAKKEN as the official brand ambassador across Southeast Asia. Adding to the excitement, VNGGames has also tapped into the multi- talented artist HAKKEN, known for igniting a phenomenon-level fan following across Southeast Asia, to perform the game’s official theme song – SWORD DANCE. The song also marks the artist's first global single debut, further elevating the excitement surrounding the game's release in the region!

HAKKEN's debut single SWORD DANCE and its accompanying music video will launch alongside the mobile game MOONLIGHT BLADE M on May 15th, across all platforms in Southeast Asia! On top of that, to further celebrate the regional launch, VNGGames, in collaboration with the game developer – Tencent Aurora Studio, has also specially customized a global exclusive mount for HAKKEN. Fans and players in the Southeast Asian version of the game will now have the opportunity to obtain the sleek and stylish black horse mount adorned with HAKKEN's signature "H" logo, making their in-game experience even more thrilling!

Developed with the world-class, top-notch QuicksilverX engine, MOONLIGHT BLADE M facilitates ultra-cinematic quality graphics, enabling users to experience the most refined and immersive gameplay while personalizing their desired characters!

Calling all young heroes: be ready to be reborn and revive the 50-year oriental epic saga masterpiece now in MOONLIGHT BLADE M!

1. 【Ultimate World ‧ Poetic and Dreamlike】

Stroll through and experience the beauty of nature from the borderless ocean to the picturesque scenes of rivers and mountains, along with the real-time changing climate and weather from day to night.

2. 【Epic Martial Heroes ‧ Dominating the World】

Choose your favourite class among the assembly of the major sects, master the martial art skills effortlessly, and roam the martial arts world as you please! Meet the legendary oriental heroes and team up to dominate the strongest martial arts realm!

3. 【Refined Character Customization ‧ Countless Personalization Options】

Unprecedented realism! Customise your desired character from head to toes with high-definition face shapes, hairstyles, body figures, costumes and makeup. Personalise your unique MVP and never run into a lookalike on the streets!

4. 【Grand Costumes ‧ Countless Styles】

Numerous oriental style and attire await your selection. From elegant to casual chic, transform yourself into a fashionista that you’re always meant to be!

5. 【Beautiful Encounters ‧ Heartwarming Connections】

Intimate social interactions await by exploring every corner that sparks different excitement! In this parallel space-time, make genuine connections with a group of true companions and travel together to the end of the world!

6. 【Detailed Craftsmanship ‧ Endless Horizon】

A vast expanse awaits your personal exploration. Design your dream space and make it your sanctuary!