Announcing a Rank Match Race (PARAVOX FESTIVAL: RANKING RUSH) for more than 1,000 Players with Prizes Ranging from 10,000 to 1,000,000 Yen! α Rank Match Season 1 for esports Shooter 'PARAVOX' is Set to Begin.

We are excited to announce that the current α test rank match season 0 for the esports shooter "PARAVOX" will conclude on May 31st. Starting June 1st, we will launch a rank match season 1.

At 81RAVENS, we focus entirely on elevating esports. Our goal is to add economic value to victory.

PARAVOX has been dedicated to creating a true economic ecosystem where serious gamers are genuinely rewarded. We have launched various initiatives, including the "PARAVOX GOLD RUSH TOURNAMENT" with a total prize pool of 100 million yen, and the "Official Selection" which opens doors for regular players to become pros. As a new initiative, we are excited to announce the "PARAVOX FESTIVAL: RANKING RUSH" to coincide with the new season launch.


  • Duration: June 1st、 8:00 PM - July 16th、12:00 AM. Rank matches will be open daily from 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM (GMT+8).
  • Details: Prizes will be awarded to players who reach the following ranks first:
    • NEO Rank - First Player: 1 million yen in $OAS tokensMASTER Rank - First 30 Players: 50,000 yen in $OAS tokens
    • MASTER Rank - First 100 Players: 30,000 yen in $OAS tokens
    • MASTER Rank - First 1000 Players: 10,000 yen in $OAS tokens
  • Participation Requirements: Players must live stream at least 80% of their PARAVOX playtime.
    • Note: When applying for prizes, participants must submit a URL where the stream archive can be viewed.
  • How to Participate: Simply play PARAVOX rank matches while live streaming to participate automatically. The application form required to claim prizes will be accessible in-game once the conditions are met.
Note: If international users win, cash prizes will be distributed in Japanese yen equivalent in $OAS tokens.