『SHINONOME ABYSS: The Maiden Exorcist』 First look at an action-based survival roguelike with horror elements which takes place in a haunted house where mononoke lurk!


KADOKAWA Game Linkage Inc (HQ:Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo, CEO:Shusuke Toyoshima) is pleased to announce that the action-based survival roguelike with horror elements “SHINONOME ABYSS: The Maiden Exorcist” will be released in the fall of 2024. This title will be the second title in an indie game project between KADOKAWA Game Linkage and ABC Animation.

About『SHINONOME ABYSS: The Maiden Exorcist』

Yono, a Miko (Maiden Exorcist), trying to track down her missing exorcist brother.. The hunt leads her to a mysterious and terrifying mansion where many mononoke (yokai and vengeful spirits) are waiting for her....

Yono takes on the challenge of a haunted house in this roguelike

The place Yono must go to is a terrifying place where mononoke reside and the very structure of the mansion changes every time one enters. What awaits her when she opens the sliding doors?

「Lookout for the signs of a mononoke」「Listen for their signs」

In order to survive in a mansion where mononoke reside, it is important to look out for their presence. Confirm the type and number of mononoke by listening to the noises in the next room, finding traces of them etc. There are many places in the mansion that are dangerous to Yono, such as the abyss, where a simple fall will kill her, and the open hearth, where she can get burnt. But what is dangerous for Yono can also be a dangerous trap for the Mononoke...... 

※By changing the default settings of the game, the presence of mononoke can be represented by text on the screen. 

A wide variety of mononoke await Yono

From those that attack Yono without warning to those that provide her with useful knowledge, there are several mononoke lurking around inside the mansion. Sometimes, Yono might also get attacked by giant mononoke which are several times her size!

However, Yono, who comes from a long line of Exorcists, harbors a secret ......

When Yono is in danger, another personality of hers appears and her abilities are greatly enhanced. One of the key points of the strategy to survive till the end is to skillfully manipulate this change of personalities.

There are 3 game modes. Challenge an endless dungeon

There are three game modes: "Harai," "Misogi," and "Gyou". "Gyou" is the highest difficulty mode, in which players compete to see how long they can survive in an endless dungeon.

Spotlight on the creators involved in this title

Director, Game Designer: Kenichi Iwao
Major Works:『Resident Evil』, 『Einhander』, 『Parasite Eve 2』, 『Final Fantasy XI』

Character Design:Tatsuya Yoshikawa
Major Works:『Breath of Fire』Series, 『Devil May Cry 4』『5』、『Last Ranker』

Programming:Hiroshi Ogino
Major Works:『Shiren the Wanderer: Mystery Dungeon』, 『Fate/Grand Order』,
『Culdcept MOBILE』

『SHINONOME ABYSS: The Maiden Exorcist』first trailer and latest information now available on its Steam Page and the game's official X (Twitter)

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